Case Studies

Elthorne Pride is passionate about making an impact within the community. Here are case studies which reflect the outcomes of the initiatives and projects we have supported in the Elthorne Estate Area.  

Take Flight With Scarabeus and Elthorne Pride

In 2018 Scarabeus facilitated the Take Flight programme which was partly funded by Elthorne Pride. 8 young people from the Elthorne Pride area registered with the programme and this video highlights some of the amazing work that was done. Scarabeus is a dynamic aerial theatre company which creates exhilarating experience through challenging, intensely visceral responses to space, place and text. 


Community Chest funded Capoeira Classes

Capoeira is one of the most whole art forms in the world in the classes children can train together with their parents or alone with the other children. The classes comprise of fitness training, stretching, acrobatics, music, dance and cultural studies. The classes have been consistently attended since the first week with a minimum of six and maximum of around fifteen children. Children come from the local area and I am currently trying to attract the attention of the local schools. All the children are developing there capoeira well which gives them more confidence, fitness, rhythm, motor skills, language (Brazilian Portuguese).

Charley Jones 

Joyful's Bespoke Candles

Enterprising Elthorne

"Elthorne Pride has given me the opportunity to turn my hobby into a business. I do Henna designs and make candles which I sell on the market - my first time was on Archway Market and it was amazing.

My inspiration behind the business comes from a place of joy as it was a hobby originally (and still is) - I taught myself how to make candles and do henna. To be able to sell my products to people on the market has been really exciting.

In the future I would love to advertise more across social media and promote my business more. I am still learning so much about being an entrepreneur so I will take my time. Sandi and Bob (from Elthorne Pride) have really helped me - I would never have done this without Elthorne Pride. I am really happy Elthorne Pride has done a lot for me - the future is very promising and exciting." Joyful – Joyful’s Bespoke Candles - An Elthorne Pride resident who has been taking part in our Enterprise initiatives

Islington Boxing Club and Royal Oak

When Martin came to London 5 years ago he wanted  to make sure he stayed connected to his love of boxing and was committed to doing a fundraiser and annual event.

Every year he does something for charity and picked the Islington boxing club to raise money for this year. 

"Any person who walks into the boxing club and see all the young people using the space knows that it is an amazing place. It keeps the kids off the street and keeps them from hanging out on the corners and allows them to channel their anger. The boxing club really doesn't get the attention it deserves, it does so much for the community. The Elthorne Pride area is VERY lucky to have the boxing club." - Martin Flynn

Martin wants to continue  in the background helping  and since he has the facility, The Royal Oak Pub he will continue to use his space to fundraise and help the community.

They raised £1230 for the Islington Boxing Club fundraiser.


Write To Be Proud

I am a 63-year-old man whose many interests include; literature, music, drama, gardening, community welfare and history. I have had a novel and a fairly large body of work published. My activities continue to include campaigning against injustice, as well as for equality to all in terms of access to public funds for the production of works of art.

I have a burning passion for creative writing and a strong desire to pass on my experience and love of the spoken and written word from a creative perspective. Having lived adjacent to the Elthorne Pride area for more than twenty-five years, I have become aware of the varied reasons for pride in in the area, as well as the wealth of historic points of interest. These include Highgate Cemetery where lies the last remains of very many accomplished persons; the Whittington Hospital, named after the three times Mayor of London, immortalized in folklore and who according to legend was on Highgate Road with his cat when he heard one of the great bells of London appealing to him in chimed music to turn around and return to the capital to serve a third term as Mayor; a park in Copenhagen Street where it is believed that the Jarrow Marchers stopped on their way to the City to protest against unemployment and poverty; an extensive series of nature walkways; and the Canal Museum off Caledonian Road. I feel very strongly that such a rich and important cultural history is worthy of celebration through creative writing and otherwise.

I think that from a symbolic point of view and in order to help the organization in its community cohesion agenda, the project needed to be carried out in partnership with Elthorne Pride.

Both the social and performance event part of the initiative and the creative workshops were very well received by the attendees who all learned that everyone is a creative writer at heart, whether or not they realize it, even if they currently lack the confidence to develop and express it.

Ngoma Bishop - Facilitator of the Write To Be Proud Creative Writing workshops